Is Your Strategy Your Company’s Best Kept Secret?
Strategic Understanding 2019-11-01 Strategy Team

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” - George Bernard Shaw

If we were to ask you to identify your organization’s vision and mission statement right now, would you be able to recite them? In business, it’s easy to assume that employees understand the company’s strategy, but leaders must ensure that the strategy is being effectively communicated. It’s common knowledge that successful organizations have effective strategies, but what is more important is that the employees know and understand the strategy.

An organization’s strategy should be well-known by every single employee from C-suite executives, to managers, to frontline personnel. Frontline employees, in particular, typically have the most face-to-face time with your company’s clientele, so their knowledge of the strategy is of utmost importance. You’ve heard the saying, “Your front line is your bottom line” and that stands true for the knowledge transfer that comes with communicating your strategic intent throughout your organization. Internal communication within an organization is key in ensuring every employee knows and understands the strategy.

Effective internal communication can include both formal and informal means of interaction. This can include discussing the strategy during internal business meetings or talking about the strategy when having a one-on-one conversation with coworkers. The branding around your office should support your mission statement, vision statement, and strategic intent as well. Social media platforms are also terrific, new-age ways to communicate your strategic intent, vision, and mission to your employees. No matter how you convey it, the key to strategic understanding within your organization is effective internal communication.

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