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In Line of Sight, Robert Courser and Olivier Aries offer five keys for bridging the gap between strategy and execution so leaders and executives can grow their business.

Strategy is taught. Execution isn't. We want to change that. What do you do if you struggle to grow and scale your company? Order and READ Line of Sight Today!

How do you bridge the gap between your goals and their actual execution?

In this down-to-earth book, Robert Courser shares actionable insights to help company founders and leaders of small and medium-sized businesses get—or get back—into growth mode.

With easy-to-digest examples and stories, Courser encourages leaders to apply simple, time-tested practices to execute better. A former chef with a knack for excellence, he advocates the importance of good alignment in all aspects of operations—having the right ingredients at the right time and the right place to ace the recipe of growth.

Leaders who want to be firmly in control of their business will find here actionable principles at a time when uncertainty requires making constant changes and staying nimble: knowing yourself and your own goals, staying focused, using data to make decisions, including about people, and creating an empowering environment of self-inspection and self-correction for employees. In all, understanding and managing the five keys for successful execution.

Using simple tools, recommendations, and a self-assessment guide to easily implement them, Line of Sight will be the back-pocket companion for any executive looking to lead a healthy business.

About the Authors

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Robert Courser

Meet Robert Courser, a CEO advisor who has been helping small and medium-sized enterprises scale up for the past twenty years. In this book, he draws on stories and anecdotes from his clients to share the simple tools and insights that help free up the growth potential of leaders and their companies.

Classically trained as a culinary chef, Courser knows something about delivering excellence in a high-pressure environment. In his inimitable, no-nonsense voice, Robert emphasizes the importance of internal alignment, of having resources in the right place at the right time, and of self-aware leadership to execute flawlessly. An avid outdoorsman, he lives outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Olivier Aries

Olivier is an executive coach, facilitator, and former global management consultant. An expert in the intricate relationship between human behavior and business transformation, he empowers leaders, executive teams, and boards to transcend self-imposed limitations within people and organizations. An outdoor enthusiast, he lives in Boston and on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

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The Culinary Art of Execution: The Story Behind "Line of Sight"

Robert Courser's and Olivier Aries’ journey to becoming renowned strategy execution consultants and co-authors of "Line of Sight" is unique.

With over two decades of experience in guiding small- and medium-sized enterprises, Robert has developed a proven methodology for unlocking growth potential, detailed in his book. The origins of this methodology, interestingly, find their roots in his earlier career as a culinary expert.

Robert's story begins in the kitchens of high-end restaurants in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where he honed his skills in culinary arts at the School Craft College of Culinary Arts. His journey took him from being an executive sous chef at prestigious establishments like Opus One and Seldom Blues to realizing that the precision and alignment required in preparing a perfect meal were akin to building a successful business and leading a team in a high-demand, high-pressure environment.

This realization led Robert to transition from the world of gastronomy to the realm of business consulting. Drawing parallels between the Japanese culinary concept of Kappo, which emphasizes capturing the essence of ingredients at their peak, and operational execution, he founded Synergistics Systems, a behavioral analytics consultancy, and later became the CEO of Line-of-Sight, the strategy execution platform.

Robert's approach in business, much like his approach in the kitchen, revolves around flawless execution, effective leadership, intentional focus, and precise alignment. His work with hundreds of companies shows that like a well-prepared dish, a business requires a near-perfect alignment of its various elements to succeed.

The journey of "Line of Sight" is not just Robert Courser's story; it's also shaped by Olivier Aries, a pivotal figure in its development. A veteran industry executive and management consultant whose career spans Asia, Europe and the United States, Aries leveraged his experience as leadership transformation expert and executive coach to develop the strategies and practices shared in "Line of Sight."

Together, Courser and Aries combine their respective strengths to address what they term the "Founder’s Trap" – a situation many business leaders find themselves in, where scaling and growth become elusive despite significant achievements.

"Line of Sight" is more than just a collection of best practices; Robert and Olivier introduce readers to the concept of organizational health, a leadership mindset that applies data and discipline to deliver execution excellence. The book unpacks how companies can achieve better health through a thorough diagnostic approach, examining every aspect of execution for optimum performance.

Each chapter of "Line of Sight" builds on this foundation, discussing the importance of a clear purpose, the significance of people in execution, and the fundamental market differentiation options. The book delves into the Five Keys to Strategic Execution: Strategic Understanding, Leadership, Balanced Metrics, Activities & Structure, and Human Capital.

"Line of Sight" thus emerges as a comprehensive guide that combines Courser's unique perspective on business growth with Aries' deep understanding of human behavior and organizational dynamics. It's a testament to how diverse experiences and skills can come together to create a powerful tool for business leaders aiming to achieve success in their life journey.

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