The Line-of-Sight℠ is more than just an application.

  • It's a team to help you through the process.
  • It's decades of science and research.
  • It's actionable recipes for improvement. 

But hey, it's also an application and a great one at that! Take a look at this quick overview and sign up to get a tour and meet someone from our team.

The Dashboard
A strategic alignment command center

The Line-of-Sight℠ dashboard is your entry point into a world of new capabilities.

  1. View your progress over time and across disciplines.
  2. Make sure you stay in line with core organizational values.
  3. Download reports and begin new initiatives.

You'll find it much easier to navigate your strategic initiatives once you have the right tools.

Brilliantly Simple Surveys
Easy to use and easy to maintain

Why guess when you can measure? Great instincts are invaluable, but it's hard to make the right calls with only anecdotal evidence. The Line-of-Sight℠ makes it easy to assess your team alignment through our powerful and easy-to-use surveys. Then once you feel changes taking hold, measure again using super efficient pulse check functionality. You won't believe how fast and easy it is to get started.

Data and Reporting
Discover and Communicate

They say that numbers don't lie. But that doesn't mean that numbers can't change. The Line-of-Sight℠ offers valuable data insights in the formats you need. Our reporting functionality spans from raw data to boardroom ready PowerPoint presentations. It's a recipe for improving strategic alignment and the tools you need to communicate within your team.

Your key to strategic execution awaits! Subscribe & receive targeted insights.