By adding Line-of-Sight℠ to your toolkit, you can leverage execution analytics to significantly increase the value you deliver to your clients and generate additional income.

With Line-of-Sight you have access to:
  • A comprehensive onboarding and training program
  • Monthly community calls with Line-of-Sight Implementers and leadership
  • One-on-one project delivery support
  • Compelling portfolio of analytics and workshop solutions for your clients
  • Newsletter and blogs to integrate into your own marketing
  • Attractive compensation
  • Unlimited access to the Line-of-Sight analytics platform

Join a community of like-minded consultants with a passion for problem-solving and dedication to improve the life and business of their clients.

Interested in adding Line-of-Sight to your business or learning how the compensation model works?

If you are a Vistage Chair
Vistage Chairs who add Line-of-Sight to their practice are able to:
  • Enhance their 1-2-1 meetings
  • Deliver measurable value
  • Keep content fresh
  • Improve member retention
  • Get to 18 members faster
  • Give members more effective tools
  • Use objective data to benchmark their members
  • Bring a fresh perspective to members’ problem-solving
  • Target speakers based on group gaps/needs
If you are a Pinnacle Guide

If you are a Pinnacle Guide, there are multiple advantages to adding Line-of-Sight to the toolkit you use with your groups:

  • Strategic Alignment and Execution: LOS enhances the Pinnacle methodology by offering analytics that measure and visualize the alignment and execution of strategic objectives across the organization. This helps ensure that the CEOs and business leaders in Pinnacle groups are executing their strategies effectively, in alignment with their long-term vision.
  • Objective Insights: Pinnacle Guides can leverage LOS to bring additional value to their advisory sessions, providing deep insights into company operations through data. This enables more informed discussions and decisions during Pinnacle meetings, focusing on data-driven outcomes.
  • Enhanced Goal Setting and Tracking: With LOS, Pinnacle Guides can help their members set clearer goals and track them more effectively towards execution excellence. Using Pulse Checks, the platform's tools enable the monitoring of progress against specific objectives, enhancing accountability and transparency within the members’ leadership teams.
  • Lasting Impact: Line-of-Sight is designed to be a provocative, compelling catalyst for the critical discussions leadership teams must have to make their goals a reality. It combines a SaaS assessment platform with targeted strategy facilitation to guide organizations on their journey towards success. It simplifies the strategic execution conversation and provides a structured, fact-based foundation for coaching leaders towards long-lasting impact.
  • Avoiding the Execution Tax: In the end, your goal is to materially improve your members’ performance. Line-of-Sight helps you identify where their execution capabilities need to be shored up to reduce the “execution tax”: the misalignments that hamper productivity and slow down decisions. Once your clients eliminate their execution tax, their business can operate to its full potential.
If you are an EOS Implementer

If you are an EOS Implementer, here is why Line-of-Sight is an excellent addition to your portfolio:

  • Enhanced Visibility into Strategy Execution: Line-of-Sight provides real-time analytics and dashboards that complement the EOS focus on Vision, Traction, and Healthy. This allows EOS Implementers to offer their clients a deeper and more quantifiable insight into how well their strategic initiatives are being executed against their vision.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Integrating Line-of-Sight with EOS tools enables a data-driven approach that supports all Six Key Components™ of EOS. This integration helps in making informed decisions, ensuring that all levels of the client organization are aligned and accountable.
  • Comprehensive Performance Metrics: With Line-of-Sight, EOS Implementers can offer their clients advanced metrics and KPIs that go beyond the EOS Scorecard. This includes detailed tracking of strategic objectives, providing a more nuanced view of organizational performance. In particular, the Line-of-Sight toolkit offers packaged prescriptions to enhance execution metrics.
  • Streamlined Communication: Line-of-Sight reporting tools ensure that communication within the client's organization remains fluid, effective, and grounded in facts. This enhances the EOS component of Healthy, fostering a transparent and open communication culture.
If you are a talent optimization consultant, using Culture Index, DISC, Predictive Index, and other assessments

If you are a talent optimization consultant, using Culture Index, DISC, Predictive Index, and other assessments, Line-of-Sight raises your conversations to the most strategic level:

  • Strategic conversations with your clients’ C-suite: strategic execution conversations happen at the very top of your clients’ organization. Line-of-Sight gives you the data and insights to engage your clients' CxO in substantive conversations about their strategic goals, their execution capabilities, and their operating model. Line-of-Sight reinforces your place and value as a trusted advisor to your clients, with a sweeping, fact-based perspective on their entire organization structure and performance; you can develop fact-based recommendations on mission-critical aspects of their business, combined with unique leadership and behavioral perspectives.
  • Holistic Organizational Health assessment: Line-of-Sight complements your talent optimization tools to combine behavioral insights with real-time strategic execution data. This holistic approach ensures that strategic plans are not only well-formulated but also effectively implemented, taking full advantage of team strengths and dynamics.
  • Data-Driven Talent Insights: Line-of-Sight amplifies the value of behavioral and cultural assessments by linking them to specific business outcomes. This integration allows consultants to provide clients with actionable insights on how different team compositions and individual behaviors impact strategic goals and operational efficiency.
  • Enhanced Accountability and Alignment: By leveraging Line-of-Sight, talent optimization consultants can help clients establish clear linkages between individual roles, team behaviors, and strategic objectives. This alignment is crucial for enhancing accountability and driving organizational success, making it easier to track progress and making adjustments as needed.

Interested in adding Line-of-Sight to your business or learning how the compensation model works?