Zach Schaefer, Ph.D.

Founder and CEO

St. Louis, MO

Dr. Zach Schaefer is a highly touted management consultant, talent optimization expert, and award winning professional speaker whose firm advises companies on strategy execution and behavior change. Dr. Z's mission is to help companies execute with excellence and stimulate action through clear communication. His award-winning consulting firm, Spark The Discussion, is St. Louis, MO's Certified Partner of the Predictive Index®, where the Spark Team provides talent optimization solutions that drive results in the following areas:

• Executive Conflict Facilitation

• Selection Optimization

• Team Development and Fit

• Team Alignment and Calibration

Spark's hand selected team members are expert coaches, consultants, and process experts who have provided solutions to hundreds of companies. By building on the best practices of businesses in multiple industries, Spark drives additional value for its clients. Crisis circumstances in companies Dr. Z owns and consults with have honed his empathy across all levels in an organization.

The Spark Team has optimized talent related to conflict management, reorganization execution, and workplace culture implementation. Because many of Spark's projects focus on resolving conflict between organizational leaders during growth, Spark signs non-disclosure agreements and keeps these professional relationships and coaching partnerships 100% confidential and non-publicized.

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