Sergiu Simmel


Boston, Massachusetts

Accelerating Team Performance & Operational Excellence for businesses with 10-500 people in any industry, any geography.

Business owners and CEOs call us when frustrated knowing they could be doing much better, when they want their business to be in a “Category of One” in their industry, when they are 100% convinced that there is a Next Level for them and want help to get there.

We guide Leadership Teams in upgrading the Business Operating System to Pinnacle™, the next-gen best-in-class ⚙. We turn Leadership and other Functional Teams into Dream Teams thru the disciplines of Top-Line Talent Optimization with Predictive Index™ and Kolbe™.

Results: ▪ functional and process accountability ▪ healthier organizations ▪ clarity and alignment around strategy, vision & plan ▪ precise & compelling brand message ▪ stronger & enduring culture ▪ effective core processes ▪ meetings that work ▪ entrenched profits-focused discipline ▪ management by measurables ▪ sustainable “flywheel” momentum ▪ and much more.

Bottom Line: Restoring Joy in Humane Performance for Entrepreneurial Leaders.

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