Trent Lee


Kelsey Joy Buell

Talent Consultant

Fargo, ND

Compass Leadership Advisors is an Executive Coaching & Consulting practice focused on the belief all business problems come from people problems, and “we fix people problems”. Those problems are often disguised within 5 key areas; · Strategic Understanding (do they “get” what we’re trying to do?, ie The Vision), · Leadership (Are ALL your leaders ready to lead? Succession, Coaching, Talent Development), · Balanced Metrics (Are you measuring what matters AND are budgets aligned with the Strategy?), · Activities & Structure (Do employees focus their time and effort on things that matter AND is your org structure working FOR you or AGAINST you?), · Human Capital (Is there alignment between the talent mgt efforts and the company’s strategy? We call this TALENT OPTIMIZATION). We use a number of tools to address these and other common areas of business challenges.

Vistage Peer Advisory Boards for business owners, CEOs & senior executives to help address real life business challenges through shared experiences and advice from fellow peer CEOs.

EOS - The Entrepreneurial Operating System® (a way to run your business)

PI – The Predictive Index (human capital & TALENT OPTIMIZATION)

LOS - Line of Slight® (strategic execution)

NAVIX - Exit Planning (preparing your business for sale or transfer).

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