Kevin Waters


Bruce Charles

VP of Strategy

Knoxville, TN

Clear Leader Group (CLG) is a local small business owned by Kevin Waters, CEO/Talent Optimizer. Kevin and his team bring over 50 combined years of experience serving public sector, business, and non-profit leadership teams. Kevin is a fit-to-role expert helping clients get the right people in the right seats. He and his team do this by providing talent optimization, a four-part discipline used to align your people strategy with your business strategy for optimal business results. CLG uses online, scientifically-validated tools to help businesses develop role requirements, hire the right people, inspire their teams so they stay engaged and diagnose culture problems. When people do what they are designed to do they thrive at work and get results. When people are happy at work it impacts their personal lives as well. Together we can make work as fulfilling and productive as possible. 

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